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Why The Dollars Trilogy Will Always Be A Classic to many

5th Dec 2019

When we think of classics, it’s important to expand our horizons and acknowledge the works of talented directors and filmmakers around the world. The Dollars Trilogy was created by the renowned Italian director Sergio Leone, and it uniquely captured American “western” style in its own way.

The DollarsTrilogy is an epic example of Spaghetti Western—a western film made on a budget by an Italian director in Europe. The fate and popularity of the film were set on fire when it hit cinemas and it inspired two sequels as well.

Here’s why The Dollars Trilogy will always be a classic:

The first of its kind

Many film critics regard The Dollars Trilogy as one of the most authentic examples of Spaghetti Western of the time. Though 25 of such films were made before in Italy, they had been regarded as nothing but mere imitation and copies of American westerns. There was nothing distinctive about them, but this wasn’t true when it came to The Dollars Trilogy.

The violence, heroes, and cinematography of the film made it a true Spaghetti Western of its kind. The movie combined an interesting combination of long shots as well as close-ups of characters, and stood out from the rest.

The music was also genuine to its core and was featured by Ennio Morricone. He created the music in sync with its genre perfectly.

It impacted western cinema greatly

The Dollars Trilogy not only had an enormous impact in western cinema, but in the wider world of moviemaking as well. Sergio Leone undoubtedly brought an incredibly realistic style to his films, yet they encompassed the different dynamics of violence as well.

The action scenes in the movie are commendable performances and can be compared to any modern-day movie. The fast cuts during the action scenes in the movie were ones never done before in movies, and inspired many action movies in the future.

The countless imitations of the film also show its immense popularity.

Aesthetics and movie sets

Though the movie was made during the 1960s, it undoubtedly had some of the greatest sets ever seen on the big screen.

It was not only detail-oriented, but the costumes of the characters depicted their roles well. Though shot on a budget, it’s almost impossible for viewers to predict that on screen.

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