Dear Buyers:
At the moment our 3rd Party payment choices to securely process credit cards are First Data Payeezy Gateway(Third PartyCredit Card Processor), Stripe Payments(Third Party Credit Card Processor), and Google Pay. If unfamiliar with Stripe Payments below is information about it. All of our payment options are totally secure to the maximum. Thank you!

Stripe users, including the small business owners we spoke with, rave about how easy the service is to use. So we decided to find out ourselves. Stripe isn't just easy to use for businesses, but it simplifies checkout for customers as well.

For businesses. To start using Stripe, simply sign up for an account, fill out your business and bank information, activate your account, and choose a processing method (more on this below). From our experience, registration and setup were a breeze. The process was very straightforward and presented in a clean, intuitive way, so it only took a few moments to get our accounts up and running. We also liked how a collection of how-to guides greeted us when we first signed in, which helped us get started instead of blindly navigating the service.

For customers. As an online store owner, it's important to make sure that your storefront is as easy to use as possible for customers. This includes having a hassle-free checkout process to help close the sale and prevent abandoned carts. With Stripe, customers can check out quickly by simply clicking on a buy button and entering their credit card information. And if you use a full-featured shopping cart, Stripe also uses as few steps as possible to complete a sale.

Security is a huge concern for any business that accepts credit cards, especially online. One thing we particularly liked about Stripe is that it handles security so the business don't have to.

First, Stripe processes transactions on its own network. This means no sensitive data actually touches the business's servers, so hackers won't have access to the business's or customers' credit card information if the business ever the victim of a cyberattack,  This is an important feature of Stripes.

Stripe has automatically implemented several layers of protection specifically designed for Web-based financial transactions. For instance, Stripe's client libraries and mobile API meet such industry standards as PCI-DSS requirements, so you're always compliant. Stripe is also certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest level of security certification for the payment card industry. Two-factor authentication is also available to further protect and prevent unauthorized access to your account.










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