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Vicki Youngelman

Received your marvelous Walt Disney Classics “Song of the South.” It was flawless. It played beautifully here in the USA in the state of Pennsylvania on my Blu ray player. Just know I purchased one from Amazon called Walt Disney Gold Collection. A bit into the movie the characters tops of their heads were cut off. So I purchased from you, just merely trying a second time to buy this title to see if have any luck with your company, I purchased from your site. Well yours was PERFECT!!! It brought back wonderful childhood memories. I will show this to the entire family and let them see your wonderful. DVD!!! From my heart, THANK YOU!!

Brian Craven (Song of the South)

I very pleased with the product. The quality of picture and sound are absolutely marvelous and really stunning. I can’t thank you enough for making this movie available for such a reasonable price. My son and I watched it immediately when he got home from school. It means so much to be able to share this movie with my son , it was such a memorable and important part of my childhood and I thought it was gone forever. I actually shed a few tears at the end of the movie….a father and son moment that I will treasure forever. Thank you.

Aaron Watson

I was a little thrown at first when I didn’t get shipping information for seven days. It reminded me of when I was a kid and I’d order something from a magazine and would have to write a letter with the product number and a money order and mail it in. When I got the DVD in I was blown away at the quality. I will definitely be buying another DVD from this company. This was a total win. Such a great price. Do yourself a favor, find a movie, and buy it from this website. (Rad BMX Movie Digital Remastered Widescreen Version)

Theresa Smith

This is a wonderful movie from 1990 that I had been unable to find at any reasonable price. Having never purchased from Classic Movies, I was a little leery, but the price was outstanding and the shipping was fast. Watched the movie and was not disappointed. Just as wonderful as I remembered and Alan Rickman was (as always) outstanding! Thank you for the prompt service and more importantly, the quality of the DVD. It is amazing. I will most defiantly buy again. Francis G Washburn(Song of the South)

Lauren (Song of the South)

I am usually cautious about ordering from unfamiliar websites, but I gave this a whirl after reading other reviews, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The movie came in a reasonable amount of time, and the quality is great! It is an older movie, so the picture and sound will not be like today’s motion pictures, but it is still amazing for this classic. I never saw this movie before, and classic movies gave me the chance to see the film that inspired one of my favorite Disney rides!

Deborah Gleason

I’ve purchase a lot of dvd movies the customer service at Classic Movies is the best! I don’t know if it was our DVD player that couldn’t read this movie. But mit didn’t matter because this company kept trying until my Dads player could read it. Never asked us to mail anything back and it really sped up the process. Just exceptional customer service. A tip: write your order number down. This helps both ends. Thank you again Classic Movies for a great product hard to find anywhere else and for being so thorough.

    Views: 605