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Actors: Laurence Harvey, Claire Bloom, Karlheinz Bohm
Format: DVD, Digital Remastered
Language: English Dolby Digital 5.1
Region: All Regions
Aspect Ratio: Letterbox
Run Time: 135 min
Extras: Original Theatrical Trailer
Plot: The fictionalized lives of the story-telling Grimm brothers are brought to life in this all-star fantasy film. In the early nineteenth century, the brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm are commissioned to write a family history for a local Duke. Reenactments of three of their stories including "The Dancing Princess", "The Cobbler and the Elves" and "The Singing Bone". 



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4 Stars
Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm

While this is the only place I could find this film on DVD and my children did enjoy it.

5 Stars
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm

I had been searching for this sweet, nostalgic film ever since I saw it as a child. Finally, I was able to watch it in its entirety with decent visual and audio quality. I couldn't help but smile throughout the whole movie and remark on all the bits and moments that I somehow remembered after such a long time had passed. I hope some day that the film will be remastered into blu-ray format, but for now: Thank you so much for offering this DVD!

5 Stars
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm

At last received, watching all with eyes wide open, in family, with no limit or forbidden condition, for all ages, - pretty nice colors(never like the finest cinema film), We will review together with others relative and friends, the magic of this outstanding creation in cinemascope!!

5 Stars
Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm—this is it!

I’ve seen people talking about how this cannot be purchased anywhere online, and I bought a copy from this site. For those searching for this movie on DVD, this is really it, and you must look no further!

5 Stars
The wonderful world of brothers grimm

I love it and it's very enjoyable

5 Stars

This is an all time favorite from my childhood. Great cast! I saw it originally on the Cinerama in Kansas City, MO over 50 years ago.

5 Stars

I saw it when it came out (I was 5). It took me right back to my childhood.

4 Stars
Good until WB makes a Blu-ray

This is the movie only. There's no Overture, Intermission, or Exit music, and the only extra is a theatrical trailer made for non-Cinerama theaters. However, the colors are good; this is probably the best available DVD I have seen. It was made for a 4:3 screen, but it works well on a 16:9 screen if you have the stretch capability on your set. This DVD: 129 minutes

5 Stars
From my childhood

Like the others, it would be great so see this movie restored. However, I am very happy to have it as is. Thank you for offering it!

4 Stars
Wonderful world of the brothers Grimm

Well I waited a very long time to get this am very happy it is offered here. As to the movie no cuts or anything but the video, I wish it could be HD, but please understand this movie is not avalable anywhere so to get a copy is great. I like another reviewer would like a new and restored version but till that happens this is it and I thank those responsable providing it. In closing I will say it is very watchable but it's not blu-ray so don't expect it remember also this was done in cinamascope just like "how the west was wom" so there are splices shown on some of the sceans again it would be great if they do to this what they did to that movie.