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Why Disney Remakes Are The Hottest Thing In The Industry

The ideology behind Disney remakes is very different. The reason rare movies for sale online the hottest thing Hollywood cinema has and will experience this year is not because they’re contemporary masterworks but because they borrow from one.

If you’ve grown worshipping the classics that were a treat for the restricted screen time you were allowed to have, you’ll know what it feels like to simple know that there’s a modern remake being made. It was every child’s dream, back when these movies were first releases, to jump into their TV screens and experience the adventures themselves. Modern remakes aim to bring the fantasy world portrayed in the films closer to the reality we live in, and that’s more than enough reward for those who have been yearning for this for years.

What the audience expects is not a stellar screenplay with mind-blowing stunts and an award-worthy plot, but rather a sweet reminder of their childhood love for classics.

A Treat For The (Disney) Freaks

This is an unfound theory at the moment but all this sudden hustle bustle in the industry could be because Disney is reviving the lost charm that was there till the young millennials were growing up. We might be entirely wrong but the revival of Disney’s classic past could be paving ground for something greater that is yet to come. Of course, the difference in what the cinema produced for children in the 90s and productions today is huge. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if Disney would reassume its duty in raising the new generations with didactic screenplays.

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