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Queer culture is finally getting its well-deserved and long-awaited spot in the media these days. Queers have been part of our communities for as long as we can remember but sadly their representation on prominent fronts have suffered due to socio-political controversies. This is also primarily why queer cinema has remained in the shadows all these years.

If you dig up the classic history of queer cinema, you’ll realize that it’s not the production machines that had failed the community. It’s the lack of viewership that has not offered these queer films the applause they deserved.

Better late than never: this blog will talk about some exceptional works of cinema, focusing on queer stories that had escaped our notice until now.

Cheers to the Queer!

Un Chant D’Amour (1950)

A classic short piece of voyeuristic cinema, this film captures the very essence of fetish, desire and human nature.

This film was written by Jean Genet and released in 1950. Shot inside a French prison, this film pans over a graphic representation of man’s urge to seek fulfillment for lustful pleasures through sight.

It features a prison guard who gratifies his voyeuristic pleasures by enjoying scenes of prisoners self-pleasuring themselves in the confines of the jail. While the warden develops feelings for one prisoner, he’s already involved with another.

This film beautifully captures the crudity of unrequited attraction and how that can potentially defeat the most powerful among us as well!

This 26-minute long film was banned for the longest time until it became known that art is best preserved without appropriation.

The Living End (1992)

This American comedy-drama is written and directed by Gregg Araki. Belonging to the genre of New Queer Cinema, this movie features homosexual romance and the threat of hateful radicals to their love.

The merit of this classic can be known by the fact that it was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize in 1992.

Centered on two gay characters who are both HIV positive, this movie is a perfect ‘casual road movie’. It touches upon atrocities that gays have to face for identifying as homosexuals and treads upon ways to seek liberation from it.

Beautiful Thing (1996)

This movie was a product of British

queer cinema and released in 1996. It’s a riveting tale of friendship, first love and freedom. It navigates alongside Jamie’s journey from a closeted gay to finding love in another. Against the backdrop of troublesome domestic conditions, the young teenager’s infatuation grows and matures into the sweetest, purest forms of love.

The film is not predominantly about the difficulties faced by homosexuals but also the challenges lined up in the way of a single parent raising them.

All in all, this film is a mesmeric encapsulation of being a person at the margins and how your journey begins from there.

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