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The Best Classic Psychedelic Movies at Classic Movies Etc.

Every film fanatic has their own preferences when it comes to the movie genre they like. While some may like experimenting and juggling with different movie genres, others have their own basic choice of genre.

Psychedelic movies have gained great popularity over the years, and many of Hollywood’s classic films are psychedelic movies. The cinematography, sound, design, music, and interesting narratives of such movies are specially designed to create distorted worlds and uniquely test the viewer’s sensory abilities.

Here are some of the best classic psychedelic movies of all time:

Un Chein Andalou (1929), Directed by Luis Bunuel

This short film ended up being the benchmark for many future psychedelic films of a similar nature. Directed by Luis Bunuel, the film takes the audience through a dream-like series of imagery and makes them understand the unconscious mind better.

The film may seem tragic to many, but it undoubtedly has deeper, more insightful meanings if one digs deeper. The opening scene of the film, for instance, shows a barber cutting a woman’s eye open. This suggests and is meant to inspire audiences to get rid of conventional notions of society and see the world with a pair of new eyes, a fresher perspective.

The film rapidly goes back and forth in time throughout as well, leaving audiences at the edge of their seats.

The Red Shoes (1948), Directed by Michael Power and Emeric Pressburger 

This all-time classic movie with psychedelic elements shows the tale of a young woman, named Victoria, uniquely who’s heartbreakingly torn between her man and her passion for dance.

There is a vibrant dance performance at the end of the movie that is filled with colourful landscapes and POV (point of view) shots of the woman’s subconscious fears about her dilemma in life, and they’re shown to the audience in the most captivating manner.

The Oscar-winning backdrop is nothing short of hallucinatory and takes audiences into a state of trance.

Easy Rider (1969), Directed by Dennis Hopper

This remarkable movie perfectly embodies the hippie movement. The film stars two motorcyclists making their way to the deep South from the American Southwest.

The actors in the movie are said to have actually injected the drugs shown, and this makes its eye-opening drug scenes even more real to the audience. The LSD scene in the movie is known for its intense dialogue and imagery.

The film correctly depicts how the hippies of the time tackled mainstream society and culture back then.

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