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Symbolic Stars of Cinematic History in Classic FilmsI’m No Angel (1933)

Symbolism is not only a literary theme that pervades the written word but also a cinematic device that has driven major classic family movies dvd to success. The beauty of this art lies in subtly inserting hints and cues under the main plot such that it becomes unnoticeable to an untrained eye. It not only enriches the cinematic experience of watching a symbolic movie but also makes the experience of discovering and deciphering symbols, a rewarding one. It’s a dimension that offers depth to the work and separates classics from average film productions.

Symbolism is a trending feature in films that are inspired by novels as well as other productions. The crossing of the two mediums—literature and film—has given birth to some of the greatest gems in classic cinema.

Here are a few symbolic stars of cinematic history that have intrigued seasoned cinephiles for more than a decade.

Lord of the Rings—Jesus and Satan in Christianity

If you’re a true Lord of the Ring’s fan and a mature film critic, you’d have noticed that Gandalf and Saruman loosely conform to two prominent figures in Christianity: Jesus and Satan. The symbolism becomes more obvious when the sacrifice of his brethren promotes Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White. This event in the plot can be paralleled to the trials of Jesus and his resurrection in Christian discipline and hence the symbolism.

The Big Lebowski—Masculinity

Even though this movie title divorces itself from the trajectory of films like Lord of the Rings, it still holds a notable position on the spectrum of cinematic symbolism. This movie teems with characters that are as incoherent and dissimilar as can be. In short, the pool of characters seems like pieces of a mismatched puzzle that don’t fit together. On top of this jarring outlook, the male characters are depicted as incompetent good-for-nothing souls while the females carry the plot forward. The symbolism in this movie is a commentary on the overt masculine façade as a protective shield for male egos.

Pulp Fiction—Rock and Roll

This, yet again, is something drastically different and astonishingly new on the platter of films that rejoice in classic symbolism. The release of Pulp Fiction was a milestone at the time that transformed the trends of mainstream filmmaking. A question that keeps the audience in search of clarity till the end is: what is in Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase? The glow emanating from the carrier can be likened to a portrayal of rock and roll whereas Wallace stands for the blues that initiated this music. Furthermore, Jules and Vincent represent Hendrix and Elvis, respectively, who were the American rock and roll hit makers before the British Invasion.

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