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No matter how much is invested in the budget of a film or the effort put into direction and screenplay, what ultimately reflects on the screen is the acting and appearance of the actors!

If direction, cinematography, production and editing are the lifeline, the actors and actresses that bring this idea into reality are the skeleton that gives it form. Without choosing the right face and person for a role, a plot falls flat. In order to give the characters a well-rounded finish it is crucial to pick actors who naturally suit the role or are able to bring out the aura through acting that is required.

Not to mention the fans that line outside the halls at a premiere are not always there to meet the producer or the director, but rather to catch a glimpse of the actors! No matter which ancillary industry you pick: be it paparazzi, fashion magazines, clothing lines or news channels, all collectively identify the movie by the actors it starred!

It is hard to ignore the fan base which contributes to the success of the movie and adds another zero to the figures it makes at the Box Office! Even before any reviews have poured in on social media websites, a select segment of the population has already bought their tickets to the movies because of their loyalty to the stars in it.

1.James Stewart

Stewart is the star who plays the role of John Ferguson in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. As if Hitchcock’s production was short of excellence on any account, Stewart sealed the project with his remarkable acting in this mystery thriller alongside Kim Novak and Barbara Bel Geddes.

2.Marlon Brando

This actor has set fire to whichever set he has ever worked on with his natural looks and exceptional ability to mould his person into any role. Brando’s good looks and acting skills have landed him the honor of being called the greatest actor and hero of all times. Some major works that he has starred in include A Streetcar Named Desire where he served complete justice to the crude, hypersexual male lead.

3.Audrey Hepburn

This Oscar-winning actress has a face and acquired a name in the industry that is hard to forget. Having starred in Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961)and Roman Holiday (1953), Hepburn has not only bagged several awards to her name but has also built a reputation that is hard to reach for many competing stars.

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