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How Twin Peaks Revolutionized Television in the 90’s

For many people, the history of television is distinctly divided into two eras: before and after Twin Peaks. Though three decades old now, this fascinating and incredibly remarkable television show has not lost its charm for audiences.

Twin Peaks originally aired in 1990 and was created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. It’s all things mysterious and has some of the most bizarre aesthetics ever seen on television. It’s thought-provoking storylines and interesting characters make it a show worth watching, and certainly worthy of the praise.

Here is how Twin Peaks revolutionized television:

It inspired television like no other

Generally speaking, the show basically focuses on a small-town mystery case regarding the murder of a young woman named Laura Palmer, also known to be the homecoming queen in the film.

The cinematography and cast of the movie are compelling, and it constantly floats between the real and the supernatural. The dream sequences and tense scenes leave audiences wanting more, almost unable to wait for the next episode.

Twin Peaks is known to have been an inspiration behind popular shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Sopranos.

It knows fashion like no other

Twin Peaks has inspired many fashion brands with its sleek, yet glamorous fashion. There are endless blogs solely devoted to the flawless outfits worn by the characters in Twin Peaks.

From midi plaid skirts, pumps, to chunky overcoats—there are so many items from the show that have become wardrobe staples for modern fashionistas today. The makeup is also simple, not overdone, and effortlessly natural.

It makes you feel right at home

Twin Peaks is one of those shows viewers feel at home with. Sure, it can get messy and tragic, but the town the show is set in is extremely cozy and makes you feel like you’re a part of it.

The quirky characters start to grow on audiences after watching the show and their charm doesn’t fade away.

Depicts teen life uniquely

Though the plot stuck with the stereotypical notion of a popular girl (Laura Palmer) dating the lead soccer player of the school, it took a turn when she had secrets no one knew about. Her family had their own, and all these secrets were kept hidden from the public persona Palmer had.

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