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From the Past! The Most Eyebrow-Raising Productions of ‘80s

If you’re under the impression that the old ages were in any way more conservative and conformist, you’re mistaken. Hold your breath and pause your heart because you’re about to uncover some of the most alarming releases of the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema.

The list of films that this piece will discuss will be some of the most eyebrow-raising releases of the 1980s. Be it cult classic gems or slasher flicks, the classic cinema didn’t lose its charm when it came to going out and beyond ordinary expectations. Needless to say the 80s’ time was an era of excess and extravagance and the Hollywood cinema matched that standard head on.

Go through the movies listed below which are exemplary in their boldness, rawness, unapologetic themes or an inevitable turn of events that made them stand out.

Twilight Zone (1983)

Based on the TV series that came out in the 1950s and 60s, Twilight Zone: The Movieis based on some of its most iconic episodes. This horror anthology comprises of three remakes along with an original story. What was controversial about this production is the tragedy that it portrays. The shooting of the ‘Time Out’ segment was when Vic Morrow and the child actors of ages 6 and 7 met a fatal end in a helicopter crash. Morrow’s children sued the production team including Steven Spielberg which was held accountable for the accident. Because of this accident, the film met severe criticism after its release and became controversial news after its release.

Heathers (1988)

Featuring the struggle of a 17-year-old Veronica who is striving to mingle with the popular crowd of kids in high school, the plot turns a sharp turn when Veronica is tempted by a violent idea. Seduced by another outcast from the batch, Veronica is tempted to be them or kill them. The movie tackles with adolescent anxieties quite aptly and instead of tiptoeing around it, takes a plunge in the issue head-on.

Focusing on themes such as sociopathic urges, suicidal thoughts and perils of alienation, this movie was way ahead of its time and created many creases in an otherwise calm social atmosphere.

Possession (1981)

Following the horrific spiral of madness that his wife creates, the male protagonist spies on his delusional wife to seek answers for an abrupt end to a happy marriage. Possession is as ambiguous as it is seductive in the way it unfolds the triangle-conflict plot. The erratic narrative not only keeps eyes glued to the screen but also offers a passionate rawness of struggle of a helpless husband. Interpreted as a surrealist take on neuroses, this movie touches upon many ideas that are otherwise left out from popular productions.

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