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Actors: Fred Ward, Dvid Warner, Julianne Moore
Format: DVD, Digital Remastered
Language: English, Dolby  Digital 5.1
Run Time: 96 Mins
Region: All Regions
Extras: None
Plot: In 1948 Los Angeles, everyone uses magic- everyone except hard-boiled private detective H. Phillip Lovecraft, who refuses for "personal reasons." Lovecraft is hired by a mysterious rich man to recover a stolen book, the Necronomicon. Investigating, he finds that the book holds the key to taking over the world by magical means, releasing the "Old Ones". (Contains several in-jokes to H.P. Lovecraft's horror fiction and also the hard-boiled detective genre.)
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5 Stars
Happy with a Classic

I was happy and surprised at the video and audio quality of this movie since it never made it past VHS. Thanks!

5 Stars
Great personal company!

It's wonderful to be able to get hard to find movies on DVD. The bonus is such personal service. It was a pleasure doing business with them. :)