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Can Chick-Flick Ever Be a Classic Genre?


Connoisseurs and movie collectors who are sincerely devoted to Hollywood’s classic past, tend to look down upon the chick-flick genre.

Somehow, the light-hearted chemistry between characters, casual banter for dialogue, and simpler plotlines tend to attract non-serious viewers. While chick-flick can be your go-to genre on days when you’re not in the mood for a serious movie, it doesn’t mean that producers don’t put serious thought into it.

In fact, the latest news and trends have shown that chick-flick is now becoming a critically-acclaimed genre. This means many things for such films and their future in the industry.

One of the many speculations is that they can possibly be included in the classic pantheon, among others, when they’re old enough.

Here’s more about that.

They’re not Simply Fodder for Simpletons

Chick-filks have a reputation of being watched by viewers who are not aware of the complexities of cinema enough to understand it.

This is why it’s reserved for adolescents or teenagers, or dull-minded adults. Basically, the audience consists of people who have little concern for quality and only wish to spend their time with cheap entertainment.

These films are more than mere Friday night frolic. Their evolution over the years can vouch for their progression from shallow, simplistic content to serious screenplay. A subgenre within this genre has formed, as a result, and it can be called coming-of-age teen dramas.

Classic Inspirations for the Chick Flicks

One iconic example to quote here is 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)which has been said to be based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shew.


Whether or not this association holds upon deeper analysis, is another question. Even being likened to the greatest playwright in passing is an honour in itself! And the lyrical resemblance of both titles is not lost on us either.

Another major film that deserves to be noted is Clueless (1995).Following a similar vein, this movie is a cornerstone of the newly-evolved subgenre. Said to have been inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma, the movie features a stereotypically clueless teenager and her journey.

Whether or not these films qualify for an Oscar is still a question, but it’s fair to say that they’re more complex and emotionally stimulating than we think they are. For instance, the self-deprecating satire in Clueless can hardly be called the work of a fool!

What Changed?

Chick-filks can be called an ever-evolving genre that has adapted to times and audiences.

While there was a time when John Hughes comedies from the 80s were part of the genre, they have now come to take the form of heart-rending drama.

The greatest evidence of their progress has been the nomination of Lady Bird for the 90th Academy Awards. Bagging an award is not always a sign of excellence; making it to the top few ranks is an achievement!

This is a confirmation of the idea that chick flick should no longer be dismissed as child’s play because it’s rapidly climbing ranks in the cinema.

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