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Behold Red Carpet 19: What’s New This Year On The Red Carpet

Red carpets are the times that determine the rise and fall of fashion fortunes. The awards season doesn’t only exhibit bedazzled

designer labels and diamond-studded heels that only deserve to be walked on the plush carpet but also decide what will be in and win the show at the end.

I’ve screenings of the extravaganza will be breaking the internet from the moment the event begins till the curtains are called.

Here’s a sneak peek into what’s new this year on the red carpets



Clare Waight Keller—Givenchy’s artistic director—became a Hollywood force when her creation was worn by the most recent

Royal bride: Meghan Markle. The dress and the wearer, both, made a powerful statement about how it’s entirely possible to go

from riches to royalty in a short span. Markle’s wedding gown was undeniably a symbol of simplicity and elegance, which earned

it a well-deserved right to flash its masterworks at the Red Carpets.

Dakota Johnson was seen donning another of Givenchy’s creations at Marrakech Film Fest. Picked from the brand’s Fall-Winter

2018 collection, the espresso-colored evening gown came with a metallic finish bustier. The Gucci girl, Johnson, did justice to the

dress which was the epitome of the designer’s aesthetics. Let’s see what awaits our attention in red carpets in 2019 and

whether Givenchy will surprise us yet again!

Hedi For Hollywood

Hedi Slimane made his debut at Paris Fashion Week in October 2018 for LMVH’s Celine brand. Since it was one of the most

anticipated shows of the year, the runway exhibition received full coverage and was viewed and discussed from all angles. The

chic, rock ‘n’ roll style youthful outfits were likened to Kering’s Saint Laurent.

In the red carpet ceremonies in 2018, Slimane graced the floor with the same all-black, rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, staying true to its

ideals instead of displaying modern minimalism. The brand is even vouched for by figures like Dakota Johnson who became the

first to pick a devil-chic outfit from its red collection. Fans and cameras are all set, waiting to grasp the first glimpse of a black

beauty dressed in Slimane’s creation.

Hedi For Hollywood

Fashion Prisoners: Dolce & Gabbana

What was a go-to option to pull off sexy looks on the red carpets, as also chosen by Carey Mulligan for Governors Awards

2018, was censured for charges of racism. Social media warriors claimed that the reputable brand, Dolce & Gabbana has brought disgrace to its name by posting Instagram stories featuring an Asian model in a socially compromising situation. This invited censure

and raised a hue and cry among Asian retailers who banned the label.

This has put the brand in a fashion jail of sorts which is not only disheartening for the founding members but also stylists who

were waiting to be charmed by D & C this award season. The fashion police and fans are waiting to see whether the prisoners

will be released from their fashion jail near the red carpets to be hosted this year!

Fashion trends in Hollywood come and go at their own pace but what stays is the legacy of the Golden Era left behind in the

form of relics like the classic masterworks.

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