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5 Movies To Hit The Cinemas In 2019, find best classics here

In 2018, some of the greatest movies of all time raised the bar for this year. However, we should not underestimate

the film industry’s competence in producing headline-worthy films. With that said, this year already boasts news about

many promising productions set to release and screen!

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

If you’ve already been enchanted by the hard-hitting movies that marked the beginning of the New Year, wait till you’re amazed

beyond expectations with what is yet to come.

Here are 5 movies that’ll be premiered in 2019.

1. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Directed by J.J. Abrams, “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” will conclude the famous trilogy. With as much fan following

as the Star Wars saga has earned, this final chapter is a much-awaited film for the audiences. Starring Daisy Ridley, this

film will not only be a celebration of the end of an adventurous era but also of the untamed beauty that this actress

will bring to the screens again in the role of Rey. Let’s see how the plot unfolds for Rey and Kylo Ren.

2. It: Chapter 2

Are you into the horror genre? Even if you aren’t, there’s no way that you have lived until 2019 without having a spine-chilling confrontation with Pennywise. Based on the books by Stephen King, the first part was already released in 2017. It’s expected

that the directors are going to put up a show that’s even more terrifying to behold than the last one! However, unlike It (2017),

the sequel will not feature the same young children as the previous time. Let’s see who falls prey to the terrifying clown’s antics this

time around.

3. Wonder Woman: 1984

The tradition of DC movies has some of the most die-hard fans that will pay any sum to watch the first show

of the movie! Set in the 80s, this movie has already warmed the hearts of connoisseurs and classic movie fans who

hold films from the golden era in high regard. A return to a glorious past is a great way to reminisce about some of

the most remarkable productions of Hollywood but having a modern film set in that time is even better!

The Lion King

4. The Lion King

The news of this movie has all the millennials raving about their childhood attachment to Simba. For most of us

in our early 20s, the earliest trauma we knew was Mufassa’s fall to his death. The iconic scene where the royal newborn, 

Simba, which is held high for the kingdom to see is going to be reenacted in this live-action movie. With Beyonce as Nala and

Donald Glover as Simba, the acoustics in this modern classic will mesmerize audiences as much as the real-life visuals.

5. Aladdin

The romance between Jasmine and Aladdin will be relived this year in the newest release of “Aladdin” coming out this May. With

With Will Smith playing the genie, it’s not wrong to expect a hint of humor here and there in this adventurous film. Even though

there are mixed views about the reception of this movie, critics are open to giving it a fair chance a thousand and one times 

for nothing but the sake of nostalgia.

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