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Here is the uncut T.V. miniseries about Albert Speer, played by Rutger Hauer. This is a must dvd for ones' movie library!

Plot: "Inside the Third Reich" tells the story of Albert Speer, Adolf Hitler's personal architect and reportedly "only true friend". The film examines Speer's rise from obscurity within the Nazi Party ranks leading to his days of fame in 1930s when he was responsible for building several Nazi monuments. The second portion of the film focuses on Speer's tenure as Minister of Armaments during the Second World War, where Speer was one of the primary motivators in keeping Hitler's war machine alive. Speer's final destiny, also depicted in the film, leads to accusations of war crimes resulting in a 25 year prison sentence.

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5 Stars
Great movie,sound good but picture is clear, but it was more clearer as in HD clearer.

The movie was one of the best movies ever made of the history of the Third Reich.The story of the relationship of Albert Speer and Adolph Hitler was very enlightening. The buildings that Speer built for Hitler were very impressive. I just wish the picture was in HD so I could have really enjoyed the movie to the fullest, but this is the best one can get it, and still enjoy it!

4 Stars
Fantastic Find

Made for television movies can be hard to find but not on this site. The DVD is in pristine shape. It doesn't vary from the original in any way. I am a fan of Classic Movies Etc after only two purchases