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Actors: Waltter Matthau, Ann-Margret, Dinah Manoff
Format: Dvd, Digital Remastered 
Language: English, Dolby Digital 5.0
Run Time: 108 Min
Region: All Regions
Extras: None
Plot: Grandmother has nothing to say when Libby tells her that she is off to LA to look up Dad, a Hollywood screenwriter. Grandmother has been in a New York cemetery for six years and Dad has been out of Libby's life for 16 of her 19 years. Libby arrives in LA on a Tuesday and phones Dad the one night that Stephanie, who does Jane Fonda's hair, stays over. Stephanie is there the next morning when Libby decides she needs to tell her story face-to-face. 
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5 Stars
i ought to be in pictures

this is very good movie its father and daughter get back together after many years apart.the daughter wants to be in picture.