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Very entertaining war flick, starring Rock Hudson and George Peppard('The A-Team). This is definitely a must have flick for all the war movie fans!

Plot: September 1942 - With Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps on the march through Egypt, a British special forces unit, composed of German Jews who serve with the British despite the mutual resentment between both, kidnap a Canadian officer who is an expert topographer and who is held prisoner by the Vichy French in Algeria. The officer, Donald Craig, must negotiate a company of British and German-Jewish commandos through 800 miles of the Sahara to aide a pending amphibious landing against Tobruk's massive fuel storage base - a mission that sees one impediment after another, and which discovers an undetected German armored force ready to win the battle of Egypt.

The dvd is encoded NTSC Region 0, PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE! The movie is presented in the WIDESCREEN FORMAT!


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5 Stars
Great action war classic

I had seen Tobruk years ago and wanted it in widescreen. The color quality was excellent and the sound was crisp and clear. Russell Harlan's cinematography is superb, and is appreciated more by the widescreen in it's original form. The action sequences are some of the best out of any war film from the mid-1960's. A truly excellent film and definitely worth having in this format. Thank you for making Tobruk available.

5 Stars

I found the movie very good the video was great for standard, audio was stereo and good too.