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Another actioneer starring the unbeatable Cynthia Rothrock dueling against Bolo Yeung(Enter the Dragon)as the badie!

Plot: The police does not know what to do. They have to deal with a serial killer who aims at martial arts masters. One after another is killed in the same brutal way. This may be a chance for detective Linda Masterson to work on her first murder case. She gets the job and to her side an other martial arts specialist, Sgt. Tarek Richards. Now they need to find a tiger style master, because the killer obviously uses tiger style kung fu. Not a simple task, since tiger is a very ancient and rare style.

The dvd is encoded Region 0(playable worldwide).









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5 Stars
Very good quality

The video and audio is of good quality, which is what I expect of a dvd and so far when purchasing movies from your website I have nothing to complain about the videos are really good. Thank you

5 Stars
Great DVD

Tiger Claws was another one I could not find. here I found it, now have all three Thanks