Hook, Line, and Sinker (1969) Dvd
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Hook, Line, and Sinker (1969) Dvd


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Actors: Jerry Lewis, Peter Lawford, Anne Francis, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez  
Format: Dvd
Language: English,  5.1 Surround Sound
Run Time: 91mins
Region: Region-Free Playable Worldwide
Extras: None 
With a terminal diagnosis that has left him with just months to live, insurance salesman Peter (Jerry Lewis) decides to take an extravagant, around-the-world fishing tour. Mid-trip, Peter is informed by his doctor, Scott (Peter Lawford), that a malfunctioning electrocardiograph had caused a misdiagnosis and he will live. Now, faced with crippling debt from his travels, Peter resolves to fake his own death to secure a life insurance claim for his wife, Nancy (Anne Francis).





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