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This is the third and final installment of the Beastmaster Trilogy, starring and return to the title role, Marc Singer.

Plot: Before he died, Dar's father gave a mysterious amulet to Tal, Dar's younger brother who is now king. Dar, while wandering with his animal companions, chances to meet and rescue a family who seek the help of King Tal against Lord Agon, a sorcerer who has conquered their land. Dar obtains an audience for them with Tal, who rallies his troops to march against Agon in the morning. Alas, the young king is captured by Agon's crimson warriors during the night. It is the amulet -- the Eye of the imprisoned god Braxus -- that Agon really wants. But Dar now carries half of it, and is nowhere to be found. Will he fall into Lord Agon's clutches when he comes to free his brother?

The dvd is encoded NTSC Region 0(playable worldwide).


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5 Stars
Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus

I am a UK buyer and I received my copy of this rare DvD edition of Beastmaster III yesterday. This has been a hugely pleasant surprise- a real treat! The back and front cover of the DvD case are both done to a professional standard, with a summary of the plot on the back and such standard details including the running time (1 hour 32 mins). The movie plays smoothly, the image is brilliant. The movie also arrived in good time in perfect physical condition. The DvD itself has also been created professionally. You can tell a lot of care has gone into creating this product, so I would definitely recommend this seller and this DvD edition of a highly underrated movie! This disc is a MUST for Beastmaster fans, movie collectors and home disc collections alike.

5 Stars
Good company

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5 Stars
the best

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