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Very rare dark comedy on rare DVD. The print is High Quality! Also, it is presented in it's original aspect WIDESCREEN FORMAT! This is a must have movie for any fan of quality comedy/dramas. It has an all-star cast: George C. Scott, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, etc. This is a definite classic to have in ones' movie collection:

Plot: Messenger asks a friend to check into a list of names before leaving on a trip. When his plane is blown out of the sky, the matter becomes more serious. As his friend checks into the list, each seems to have died in mysterious circumstances. As he goes down the list, the deaths become more recent and a race to find the remaining survivors and what put each of them on this list ensues.

The dvd is encoded REGION 0(playable on dvd players worldwide). The audio is 2.0 Dolby Digital, and the video is Digitally Remastered to insure the best viewing experience.


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