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RARE FAMILY CLASSIC! DISNEY SONG OF THE SOUTH!! The art of animation and live-action are blended brilliantly to create SONG OF THE SOUTH. This is the rare original UNCUT theatrical release on DVD. No imbedded subtitles like in the Japanese and Hong Kong version. English Language. ALL REGION(playable worldwide) 2.0 Stereo Audio. The dvd also have the Tar Baby scene, which was deleted in latter versions of this movie.  This dvd's picture is and audio is EXCELLENT for this old cinematic treasure. This is the best print one can get of this classic which makes it even more enjoyable to watch with the whole family. This is definitely a bargain for this rare Disney Classic item.



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5 Stars
Very pleased

I was very pleased to find this video at a decent price on DVD. Prompt delivery. The video arrived the week after I ordered it. Good quality picture considering how old the movie is. I haven't seen this movie since the 70s, and I enjoyed seeing it again.

5 Stars
Great memory

First and only movie I saw with my father as a child 40 plus years ago. Very nice to receive and see again. Thank you,

5 Stars
You got my endorsement

...just what I was looking for, but couldn't find anywhere else...very satisfied.

4 Stars
hard to find but i find it at your shop

I live in Belgium and it cost me over a year to find this dvd. Dvd came to Europ verry quick. I am very pleased with this dvd. And i will recomend you to my friends en The Netherlands en Belgium If you want this recomandation in Dutch let me know.

5 Stars
Song Of The South

I searched high and low for this old movie. My mother-in-law mentioned that she would love to see it again. It was good quality and arrived promptly. Decent picture and good sound. Most importantly, it delighted my mother-in-law!

5 Stars
Just what I wanted !

Unfortunately, this movie was boycotted for the language used to tell this story. Besides stepping on the very 1st amendment of the constitution, it is a great and inspirational way to learn, in a very simplistic and loving way. I love this movie and happy to own it in an age where i can share and keep it for the rest of my live. Steph

4 Stars
Wish it was digitally remastered

The songs and sound are amazing but I do wish Disney would digitally remaster this one. Quality otherwise is excellent!

5 Stars
wonderful return to family entertainment.

I grew up with the old Disney family entertainment. I loved Braer Rabbit, Fox and Bear. The Song of The South was my favorite and softly introduced me in the 1950's to the need of racial equality. Great movie, you will never regret watching over and over again.

4 Stars

I bought this movie for my grandfather who is 74. I don't think I've ever seen a grown man so happy about a kids movie. He immediately sat down a watched it with my daughter.

4 Stars
Song of the South Review

This is an excellent dvd. I would recommend it to anyone of all ages.