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RARE FAMILY CLASSIC! DISNEY SONG OF THE SOUTH!! The art of animation and live-action are blended brilliantly to create SONG OF THE SOUTH. This is the rare original UNCUT theatrical release on DVD. No imbedded subtitles like in the Japanese and Hong Kong version. English Language. ALL REGION(playable worldwide) 2.0 Stereo Audio, and Digitally Remastered. The dvd also have the Tar Baby scene, which was deleted in latter versions of this movie.  This dvd's picture is and audio is EXCELLENT for this old cinematic treasure. This is the best print one can get of this classic which makes it even more enjoyable to watch with the whole family. This is definitely a bargain for this rare Disney Classic item.


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5 Stars
Song of The South (two copies)

I have just had a chance to play these two movies and I'm pleased with the quality of the discs. The color is great and the sound is clear and good. I'll keep Classic Movies in mind if I need more DVD's. I rate it five star!

5 Stars

I didn't expect it to work but it does, and the audio and video quality to so good.

5 Stars
Disney Song of the South

Thrilled with this classic. This classic has brought back wonderful childhood memories to many members of our family. I must tell you I had purchased one from Amazon the cover was different and half way through the movie the heads of the characters were cut off. Yours was perfect. I will use your site for every classic I may want. Thank you so very much. Vicki Youngelman

5 Stars
Song Of The South

Awesome movie I will make sure generations to come get it.History just wouldn't be the same without this Disney movie.

5 Stars


5 Stars
Song of the South

Great to be able to see this film again. I hadn't seen it since I was in college back in the 80s. Thanks Classic Movies for making it available.

5 Stars
Thank you classic movie Etc for making this movie available.

Very good quality for not having been remastered. Despite the political brouhaha, there are good lessons to be learned.

5 Stars
Much better than I'd hoped!

I wanted to see this film for years but it's been buried in the Disney vaults for decades and I thought I would never get the chance. The picture quality and sound are top-notch. The cartoons are quite good, while the live action material isn't nearly as offensive as people might think. There are literally dozens of films readily available that are far more racially decisive than this film. The old gentleman playing Uncle Remus is as dignified, wise and kindly as Grampa Walton. I enjoyed this film and hope to share it with my grandchildren.

5 Stars
Another wonderful Classic Walt Disney movie!

I happily bought my copy last year and it is wonderful! Sadly, I never got to see this movie as a young girl, because Disney had banned it by then. So, I can't rightly compare seeing this film as a child to seeing it now as a young adult... the way that I can with nearly every other classic Disney film. However, seeing it as a young adult this film was just as magical as any Disney movie I had ever seen! The only reason I know about this movie at all is because, I used to collect "Disney Sing Along Song" VHS tapes as a young child and the "Song of the South" "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" sequence of the film was included on one of them. I was so, enchanted by that scene that I never did forget. I was never so, naïve as a child that I couldn't have understood the post Civil war time period for which the film takes place nor the time period in which the film was actually made. It's a shame that the Disney company feels that banning this movie is the only "proper" thing to do. At least "Classic Movies ETC." allows for this film to live on... So, as to honor the hard works of all the actors, actresses and creators of 'Song of the South."

5 Stars
A Rare Find

Loved wise Uncle Remus and the fun way he gave those much needed life lessons, told only as he can. Audio and video is very good. The story line and characters are enjoyable. Highly recommended.