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This is a kick butt action/sci-fi flick, starring Dolph Lundgren, on RARE 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen DVD.When two aliens that look human land on the planet there is never a dull moment. One of the aliens extracts endorphines from humans as a drug for other aliens. The other alien that has landed on Earth is a lawman and was sent to track the drug dealer. He will need Lundgren's and Benben's help to catch him. Throw in the fact that the alien drug dealer takes on drug dealers on Earth and you have non stop action. Don't miss this movie. Any fan of the tv series "Miami Vice", or the movies "Predator" and "Blade Runner", should like it. It's like they combined some Police versus drug dealers with some strange aliens thrown in to the mix with some great supporting roles. This is by far Dolph Lundgren's best movie, and definitely a Sci-Fi/ cult classic. It is a must have DVD for all you Sci-Fi/Action lovers.

This dvd is playable worldwide.


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5 Stars
Dark Angel aka I Come In Peace

Super stoked to finally have found a copy of this. Such a great late 80s early 90s sci fi action flick. Plus love Dolph Lundgren. New condition with cover artwork awesome and reasonably priced. Thank you very much!